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For over twenty-five years Hannah was dedicated to helping children get the best possible start in life. Her bestseller on breastfeeding which has sold one million copies worldwide is also available in the United States. Breastfeeding Naturally was published in 1999 by Fisher Books of Tucson, AZ. Link to the book on the left below to have a closer look. This book is also published in German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (both in Portugal and Barzil) and Chinese.

Life seemed to give her tasks, and still one more task came to her through personal experience. The past ten years of her life she accompanied parents who had lost their baby perinatally on their journey through grief with her book Help, Comfort and Hope After Losing Your Baby in Pregnancy or the First Year. This book also gives concrete help to caregivers. To find out more, link below on the right icon.

Her interest in birth was expanding to a larger scope, encompassing later stages of human development. With the help of the holistic Middendorf Breathwork (Breath Institute in SF), developed by Ilse Middendorf and Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal therapy form, she helped to guide persons in discovering their deeper nature, their essence.

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