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Breastfeeding is Also Available in the USA!

Breastfeeding Naturally

Enjoy breastfeeding - it's only natural!

Breastfeeding is nature's best way of feeding your baby.

Breastfed babies enjoy lifelong benefits:

They are less likely to

  • be sick in early and later life,
  • develop heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems,
    obesity and allergies.

And both mother and child benefit from the special
emotional relationship breastfeeding creates.

Let Hannah Lothrop be your very own breastfeeding consultant.
She provides the practical advice and the emotional support
every mother needs.


A Natural Approach

A natural approach to breastfeeding helps you enjoy this precious time with your child. And even if
you've had difficulties breastfeeding your first (or second or third) baby, you can probably breastfeed
successfully. Homeopathy, Bach Flower remedies, aromatherapy and touch and breath may help
you in this shared experience.


This book is published in the United States by  Fisher Books   of Tucson, AZ. The retail price is $12.95.
You can buy it from your local bookstore or any of the online bookstores, such as


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