Help, Comfort & Hope after Losing Your

Baby in Pregnancy or the First Year

US edition: Help, Comfort and Hope...

Your child's death is like losing a part of yourself...

This special book accompanies parents who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death and sudden infant death on their journey through grief. It also addresses tabooed losses, such as termination of pregnancy after prenatal diagnosis and adoption. In addition, it speaks to the caregivers who help parents through this difficult time. The voices of those who have suffered the devastation of their baby's death are heard throughout this warmly written, insightful book.

Part One guides parents through the experience of bereave-
ment, from shock to a time of renewal and coping. Hannah Lothrop gently suggests what has helped other parents in this situation and might help you: ideas that are both comforting and practical for working through grief, shared with compassion and understanding.

Part Two provides specific information for caregivers in the hospital and those providing care for the family. These caregivers may include hospital staff, doctors in private practice, midwives, ministers, childbirth educators, funeral directors and support-group members. An extensive resources section helps parents identify additional sources of support. Apart from helpful addresses and literature it also includes instructions for rituals, meditations and prayers.

Help, Comfort & Hope after Losing Your Baby in Pregnancy or the First Year can help parents consecrate their precious memories of this pregnancy, this baby. And with empathy and first-hand knowledge, Hannah Lothrop also help bereaved parents start an important healing process that resolves grief into acceptance.

Hannah Lothrop writes with equal sensitivity and
deep understanding of both the darkness and the light.
Sheila Kitzinger
An exceptional book that I enthusiastically recommend to
everyone whose life has been touched by the death of a baby.
Hannah's writings are insightful, sensitive and compassionate.
Her meaningful suggestions address how to tenderly heal one's
body, mind and spirit.
Pat Stauber
Bereavement Coordinator
North Shore Medical Center
Miami, Florida
... As we take the journey together, light begins to shine at the end of the tunnel. Hannah's book helps us walk through that tunnel with awareness that the light is there, and the darkness can never put it out.
Sr. Jane Marie Lamb
Foundress of SHARE



Small Press Book Awards 1998 - Chicago Book Fair:
This book was awarded 1st Prize in the category of Parenting.

Help. Comfort and Hope ... is published in the United States by   Fisher Books   of Tucson, AZ. It costs $12.95 and is available through your local bookstore or any of the online bookstores, such as


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